Idylwyld Bird Dogs is a small operation on purpose.

MY standard of a trained dog is point staunchly, steady to wing, shot and fall. Reliable honor of another dogs point and bring the bird to hand with a decent retrieve. Force breaking to retrieve is done if needed.

Training my own dogs was fine for a while. Then I expanded that thought... Had the idea in 2018 that I would buy a couple of pups, raise them and train them right along with mine and sell them. Two more dogs on the chain did not seem like a big deal to me...

I wanted to take the money I get for them to pay entry fees and diesel to scratch another part of my bird dog affliction. Go to a few field trials each fall. That part of the plan has not quite worked out yet.....

The plan has tweaked a little. In the future I will breed, raise and train my own litters. Once I finish them, I will offer them for sale.

I confess to not being much of a salesman. I provide a short video or two of dog. Nothing hidden and no sales pitch. I train silent and sell silent.

Preferred tools are simple and effective. Carded feral pigeons that I trap, and sweat equity working dogs on check cord.

Dogs I train and offer for sale have been worked on pigeons, Johnny house quail, and I have shot wild quail over them.

An old, but good video of Bill West explains the training concept I use.

Bill West

Thank you for looking.
D. Chilson

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