Idylwyld Bird Dogs is a small operation on purpose.
I like to train dogs. Training my own simply did not give me enough volume of dogs to train. So, I decided In 2018 that I would buy me a couple of pups, raise them and train them right along with mine and sell them. Got my hands on two GSP pups, I was worried about selling them. That was not an issue. Sold them and got two more GSP pups, sold them no problem also.
My idea has tweaked a little. Ive got two Setters I am having entirely too much fun with to sell this year. I suspect in 2024 they will both go up for sale.

In the future I will breed,raise and train pointer pups. Once they are trained to my satisfaction I will offer them up for sale.

MY standard of a trained dog is point staunchly, steady to wing, shot and fall and bring bird to hand via a nice retrieve. Force breaking to retrieve is done if needed.

I do not sell "started" dogs. Look elsewhere for that please. The term "started" is pretty broad and is at best misleading.

I see it very simple. Dog is either trained or it is not. I sell trained dogs. No dog is sold until it meets my training standard.

I confess to not being much of a salesman. So, what I do is provide a short video or two of dog and you see what dog does. Nothing hidden and no sales pitch. I train silent and sell silent also.

So far, when I advertise a dog they are sold pretty quick. It has occurred to me that I may be selling them too cheap....

Remote launchers are used sparingly, no barrels, boards, sticks, PVC pipe, wonder leads, fishing line or any other "training gimmicks".

Preferred tools are simple and effective. Carded feral pigeons that I trap, sweat equity working dog on check cord.

I work dogs "around birds, but not on birds" quite a bit.

Any dog I sell will be advertised on Gun Dog Central.

An old, but good video explains the training concept I use. I am a Westie and make no bones about it.

Bill West

Thank you for looking.
D. Chilson

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