Idylwyld Bird Dogs is a small operation on purpose. The focus is on quality, not quantity.
Normally in August-September I will offer a trained dog or two for sale.

The definition of a trained dog is point staunchly, steady to wing, shot and fall and bring bird to hand via a nice retrieve. Force breaking to retrieve is done only if needed.

We do not sell "started" dogs. The term "started" is not applicable. It is simple. Dog is either trained or it is not. I sell trained dogs.

No dog is sold until it meets our training standard.

I am not much of a salesman. So, when a dog is advertised, I provide a short video of dog.

Remote launchers are used sparingly, no barrels, boards, sticks, PVC pipe, wonder leads, fishing line or any other "training gimmicks". I do not "groom" a dog on a barrel. I dislike it.

Preferred tools are simple, carded feral pigeons that I trap, sweat equity working dog on a check cord and a pinch collar. We work dogs "around birds, but not on birds" quite a bit.

Any dog we sell will be advertised on Gun Dog Central.

An old, but good video of Bill West Teaching Labs to Point explains the basic training concept we use.

Thank you for looking.

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