My goal after retirement from the military in 2007 was to take my bird dog training hobby/affliction and turn it into a full time occupation.

Economic reality entered. It is difficult to make a good living training bird dogs. Conclusion. I keep a real job.

I have zero talent for sales. So, when a dog is ready for sale, I provide a short video or two of dog and that is the marketing program.

I trained my own dogs for many years. Did a little training for money here and there. I force broke to retrieve a few dogs for friends.

In 2018 my wife encouraged me to buy a couple of GSP pups. My first thought. A couple more dogs on the chain did not seem like a big deal.

I raised them, trained them right along with my dogs. Then offered them for sale. It honestly surprised me when they sold pretty quick. That keeps happening. I focus on quality, not quantity.

To see on video what I claim, please go here. https://www.youtube.com/@Idylwyld1

In the future I plan to to alternate between Setter litters and Pointer litters, raising my own pups. Raise and train the whole lot, and sell them when they are finished to my standard.

What is my standard? A trained dog must:
Point staunchly, remain steady to wing, shot and fall/kill until released, and honor another dogs point.

The retrieve or fetch should be a nice delivery of the bird to hand. Force breaking to retrieve is done if needed.

I have no interest in peddling "started" dogs. My stance is simple. A dog is either trained or not. A "started" dog is NOT trained.

At some point, I hope to scratch another itch. I would like to get back to running in a few field trials. So far, that has not worked out....

The tools I use are simple. Carded feral pigeons that I trap, and sweat equity working dogs on a check cord.

An old, but good video of Bill West explains the training concept I use.

I will always be grateful to Bill Gibbons and Bill West.

Bill West

Thank you for looking.
D. Chilson

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